The top gallery shows some of the small projects we’ve done.


  • Flower pot Flower pot We can do this for you.
  • Lattice fence Lattice fence Temporary lattice fence built around deck.
  • Flower pot Flower pot Another beautiful flower pot.
  • Paver runway Paver runway Pavers installed to help roll gate close.
  • Top dress exising landscaping Top dress exising landscaping If you would like to freshen up your exisintg landscape, then we can top dress with new beautiful rock over the exisitng landscape.
  • Flower beds Flower beds Installed flowers for raised planter bed.
  • Flower beds Flower beds Raised flower bed around Ponderosa pine tree.
  • Another flower bed Another flower bed
  • Indoor plants coming from the outside. Indoor plants coming from the outside. This ivy has worked it's way thru the exterior walls and into the living room.
  • Things we like to fix Things we like to fix Creative and very interesting...
  • Controller wired in with an extension cord. Controller wired in with an extension cord.
  • Modified controller Modified controller This is a Hunter shell with internal parts of an Orbit controller.


Interesting photos and fixes we’ve seen around town.

  • Vines in your house? Vines in your house? This ivy plant has grown from the outside planter thru the walls into the living room.
  • Garden hose mainline Garden hose mainline This is a bad idea! A system that is plumbed in underground is safer for freeze protection and has better water pressure.
  • Controller wired in with extension cord. Controller wired in with extension cord. This controller has been wired in using an extension cord.
  • Modified controller Modified controller The internal Hunter parts have been replace with Orbit internal parts.
  • Hose bib timer used as regular valve Hose bib timer used as regular valve A hose bib timer should not be hard-piped into a manifold.
  • Caged sprinkler head Caged sprinkler head If you don't want to bury your sprinkelr head, but the dog might chew it up, then place a cage around it.
  • Glued on pvc to gate valve fitting. Glued on pvc to gate valve fitting. There is no need to glue together threaded fittings.
  • Smurfy glue cap Smurfy glue cap This is what happens to the glue when it is used for threaded fittings.
  • Microspray top directly into 1/2" poly Microspray top directly into 1/2" poly Generally these are installed on risers and the 1/2" poly is buried to protect it from the sun and animals.
  • Going "green"?  Use a garden hose for mainline. Going "green"? Use a garden hose for mainline. Going "green"? Use a garden hose for mainline.
  • crazy manifold crazy manifold
  • Really cool lizard. Really cool lizard. My chickens killed this lizard, but didn't eat it.
  • Poor installation Poor installation Missing junction box but nearly a full role of electrical tape was used to keep it water tight.
  • Low quality work. Low quality work. Your fitting will leak if you use black plastic instead of teflon tape.
  • Above ground sprinkler head Above ground sprinkler head This head won't be hit by the mower, but may take out your children running in the back yard.
  • Damaged diaohragm Damaged diaohragm If a valve leaks, normally there are rocks in the valve, but this one got screwed.
  • Snake on pavers Snake on pavers The hazards of working outside.
  • 2 station manifold 2 station manifold If you don't want to install valves, then you can use a hose bib diverter.
  • Home made switches and controller with remote Home made switches and controller with remote
  • dead skunk dead skunk This dead-rotting skunk was stuck in the stand pipe for the irrigation system. I had to pull it out and nearly puked doing it.
  • Controller embedded in stucco Controller embedded in stucco When this controller goes bad, it will be difficult to fix.
  • Random dripper Random dripper
  • Overtightened fitting Overtightened fitting
  • poor craftsmanship poor craftsmanship
  • girdled tree girdled tree This tree was 5 to 7 years old. It was stunted and very thin compared to its neighbors.
  • mainline fix mainline fix Replaced this small section of PVC (lleaking) with copper in the mainline.
  • drip line crack install drip line crack install Creative way to irrigate the other side of a driveway when there is no sleeve to get to the other side.



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5 out of 5 stars

Carol Branning
Carol Branning

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I have a rental property in Flagstaff and was looking for a reasonable landscaper to take care of my weeds and do some general upkeep 2-3 times per year. Most of the companies that I called would either give me outrageous rates or not show up because I wasn't a "regular" customer. Not only did AIM give me a reasonable price, they came when they said they would, set me up with an online account and made billing easy for me (since I am out of town). This is a perfect arrangement for me and I am extremely pleased with the services that I have received from AIM!

Pamela Posten
Pamela Posten

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

AIM gives excellent service and professional quality work. Brad responded quickly when I called, met with me and spent a lot of time going over my needs. The work was scheduled promptly and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them for all your landscaping needs.

Erick Robbins
Erick Robbins

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

We had our newly built home landscaped in the front yard. We are on a corner lot. Here was our experience:

- The quoting process was very easy. The appointment time was done around our schedule, which was very convenient.
- The design was exactly what we wanted and they provided us a plotted drawing so we could visualize the concept.
- The final product looks exactly they way we envisioned it.
- The team did an excellent job getting it exactly right and listed to any suggestions or ideas we had during the process.
- All of the plants look fantastic, the rock retaining wall is awesome and the drip system keeps everything well watered based on the size of the plant.
- The final price was very reasonable and made the process much more enjoyable because we weren't stressing about the quoted price.
- AIM truly does stand by their 100% guarantee which gave us peace of mind because we knew they would live up to their word.

***Very satisfied and would recommend their service to anyone. In fact everyone that walks by our home says that new landscaping looks great and we have the best looking yard in the neighborhood. It was a good investment because it added so much more curb appeal from the standard builder landscaping.

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