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Sustainable irrigation begins with knowledge. AZ Irrigation & Maintenance wants you to try some simple strategies to reduce the amount of water you use, improve your overall landscaping health, and save money while using water more intelligently.

Tips on Saving Water Outdoors

Saving water using an automatic irrigation system is not a guaranteed fact—that is, unless you do a little homework to make sure all is functioning properly. Maintenance is the key.  Here are a few tips to keep your watering needs to a minimum while maximizing your landscape’s beauty:

Know Your Plants Watering Needs• Avoid overwatering lawns and gardens.
• Adjust your controller for the seasons.
• Water early in the morning.
• Practice the “cycle and soak” method.
• Hydrozone and create areas with similar watering requirements.
• Check your automated sprinkler system often.
• Consider drip irrigation.
• Trim grass at a higher mower setting to shade roots from sunlight and encourage
deeper root growth.
• Look for the WaterSense labels, and keep up on the new water saving products.

Know Your Plants Watering Needs

The first thing to do is to learn when and how much to water your lawn. For most people, that will mean cutting back. Learning to water your lawn properly may take a little time initially. But learning how to water your particular landscape will save you time and money in the future.


Avoid Overwatering

Most people water too much. Studies show that most lawns receive twice as much water as they need. Healthy lawns and plants don’t need water every day. Overwatering looks similar to underwatering when a plant shows stress. If your landscape looks stressed in the evening, wait until the following morning before watering. If the stress was a result of too much water, waiting until the next morning allows recovery time. If the stress was due to a lack of water, then the plants will still show stress, and you should go ahead and water. Surface runoff and water applied to areas with no roots or grass is completely wasted.

Adjust Your Controller for the Seasons

Tweak your irrigation timer often. It is a good idea to understand the water requirements of your yard and how to best meet those requirements. Respect current watering codes.  Flagstaff has a water mandated water schedule.

Water in the Early Morning Hours

Maximize the efficiency of sprinkler irrigation by watering early in the morning. Start the sprinklers at 3:00 AM. That gives the water enough time to soak in before the sun comes out to burn it off the surface. It is safe to water at night, but don’t overwater, it can lead to diseases in your lawn.

Cycle and Soak

Break those 20-minute watering cycles into two 10-minute cycles spread at least 30 minutes apart. This gives the first ten minutes worth of water enough time to soak in to minimize run off during the second ten minutes. If an area you are watering is sloped, watch it during one cycle and see how long it takes for the water to start running off. You may need to run that zone 3 times for 6-7 minutes each cycle.


Separating shrubs, annual garden, grass, and hanging baskets/pots into separate zones to allow more specific watering schedules tailored to each specific area, minimizing over- and underwatering.

Consider Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a great alternative to pop-up sprinkler heads for those flowerbed areas.  It will reduce overspray, drifting from the wind and place the water exactly where it is needed.


The only certainty in estimating repairs is to uncover the issues underground. Some tell-tale signs of sprinkler behavior above ground can help identify the primary needed repair, however, once certain repairs are made, other issues may reveal themselves after reestablished water pressure runs through the station. Those companies offering a low cost may be for only that obvious simple repair and never check for the ensuing issues.

Our expert licensed irrigators and technicians have faced most every irrigation problem a system can develop, from leaks, cut wires and valves that won’t shut off to outdated coverage, low heads and dry spots. We will contact you if there are any other major repairs to be made.  If the other issues are small enough, we’ll take care of them with efficiency and professionalism.

Water Conservation — Water is fundamental to life. It is required for all agricultural, industrial, urban, and recreational activity and for healthy function of the natural environment. However, many researchers expect that water supply shortage, flood occurrence, and water quality degradation will increasingly affect the environment and future generations.

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Carol Branning
Carol Branning

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I have a rental property in Flagstaff and was looking for a reasonable landscaper to take care of my weeds and do some general upkeep 2-3 times per year. Most of the companies that I called would either give me outrageous rates or not show up because I wasn't a "regular" customer. Not only did AIM give me a reasonable price, they came when they said they would, set me up with an online account and made billing easy for me (since I am out of town). This is a perfect arrangement for me and I am extremely pleased with the services that I have received from AIM!

Pamela Posten
Pamela Posten

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

AIM gives excellent service and professional quality work. Brad responded quickly when I called, met with me and spent a lot of time going over my needs. The work was scheduled promptly and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them for all your landscaping needs.

Erick Robbins
Erick Robbins

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

We had our newly built home landscaped in the front yard. We are on a corner lot. Here was our experience:

- The quoting process was very easy. The appointment time was done around our schedule, which was very convenient.
- The design was exactly what we wanted and they provided us a plotted drawing so we could visualize the concept.
- The final product looks exactly they way we envisioned it.
- The team did an excellent job getting it exactly right and listed to any suggestions or ideas we had during the process.
- All of the plants look fantastic, the rock retaining wall is awesome and the drip system keeps everything well watered based on the size of the plant.
- The final price was very reasonable and made the process much more enjoyable because we weren't stressing about the quoted price.
- AIM truly does stand by their 100% guarantee which gave us peace of mind because we knew they would live up to their word.

***Very satisfied and would recommend their service to anyone. In fact everyone that walks by our home says that new landscaping looks great and we have the best looking yard in the neighborhood. It was a good investment because it added so much more curb appeal from the standard builder landscaping.

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