Let us take care of the wet and dirty work for you.  We are nationally certified to handle your irrigation services that include design, install and repair ANY irrigation issue you may have.  Out of the thousands of repairs we have done, there has not been an irrigation problem that we have not been able to fix.  Those pesky repairs can consume your entire weekend.  Call us today and we will take care of it ASAP at 928.225.2224.

Irrigation Services

Auto Turn-on Turn off list – This program is designed to allow for AIM to turn on and winterize your irrigation system without calling it in.  We determine the best time in the spring for turning on the irrigation system and winterizing the system in the Fall in relation to the weather.  To be on this list you will need to purchase an insulation bag or have a backflow device that is protected from freezing temperatures.

backflow protection

Insulation blanket which really is a bag.



Repairs & Maintenance 

Spring Turn on and/or Turn off only

Fertigation Systems

Winterizing irrigation systems


We install system that save you money and use our precious water resources efficiently.  Below is an example of what it can look like.  Watch this video to see why you should check your water pressure to make sure there is no wasted water.



This is just of one example of a  controller that was replaced and one example of a back flow that was re-built to code.  These photos are a very small collection of the many irrigation related jobs that we do at AIM.  We do many upgrades through the year.  Along with hundreds of irrigation repairs.  

Replaced old controller with a new one.

Replaced old controller with a new one.


Back flow and valve manifold re-build.

Back flow and valve manifold re-build.









Design and Installation

Our design and installation team will create the perfect irrigation system for any of your landscape needs.  This can include gardens, xerispcae, trees, plants, lawns and flower pots.  We only use the best components to ensure irritation free irrigating.   There are irrigation components that you can find in the big box stores that should NEVER be used with your irrigation system.  We steer clear of irrigation parts that will be a nuisance to you and your plants.  Trust us to install the best system in town.

Irrigation System Video Overview


Check out our Blog for more in-depth details on irrigation “why’s” and “how’s” or our YouTube channel.

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5 out of 5 stars

Carol Branning
Carol Branning

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I have a rental property in Flagstaff and was looking for a reasonable landscaper to take care of my weeds and do some general upkeep 2-3 times per year. Most of the companies that I called would either give me outrageous rates or not show up because I wasn't a "regular" customer. Not only did AIM give me a reasonable price, they came when they said they would, set me up with an online account and made billing easy for me (since I am out of town). This is a perfect arrangement for me and I am extremely pleased with the services that I have received from AIM!

Pamela Posten
Pamela Posten

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

AIM gives excellent service and professional quality work. Brad responded quickly when I called, met with me and spent a lot of time going over my needs. The work was scheduled promptly and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them for all your landscaping needs.

Erick Robbins
Erick Robbins

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

We had our newly built home landscaped in the front yard. We are on a corner lot. Here was our experience:

- The quoting process was very easy. The appointment time was done around our schedule, which was very convenient.
- The design was exactly what we wanted and they provided us a plotted drawing so we could visualize the concept.
- The final product looks exactly they way we envisioned it.
- The team did an excellent job getting it exactly right and listed to any suggestions or ideas we had during the process.
- All of the plants look fantastic, the rock retaining wall is awesome and the drip system keeps everything well watered based on the size of the plant.
- The final price was very reasonable and made the process much more enjoyable because we weren't stressing about the quoted price.
- AIM truly does stand by their 100% guarantee which gave us peace of mind because we knew they would live up to their word.

***Very satisfied and would recommend their service to anyone. In fact everyone that walks by our home says that new landscaping looks great and we have the best looking yard in the neighborhood. It was a good investment because it added so much more curb appeal from the standard builder landscaping.

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