Spring Turn-On and Tune Up Service

Our Spring time irrigation turn on and tune up services are top notch.  First action of our technicians is to re-pressurize your sprinkler system.  We will then inspect the spray heads for any leaks and re-adjust them for proper coverage.  Next is check your drip system for any leaks.  If any emitters are not working, they will be replaced with high quality, pressure compensating emitters that flush out debris.  This keeps them flowing every time the water is turned on.

Electrical System Check

We check low voltage components of the electrical system by operating your different irrigation valves using your controller.  If there are any issues with the low voltage wiring or solenoids during this period, we will make sure they work before we leave or contact you if more work needs to be performed.

Our map above tells you which neighborhoods we will be in and the date.  The dates are tentative and do move around due to weather circumstances, but the service dates are within a couple days of what is indicted.