Mulch Delivery & Installation Service

 AZ Irrigation & Maintenance has been providing mulch delivery and installation services in the Flagstaff & Sedona area since [year-started]. Give us a call today at 928.225.2224 for a free quote or to schedule service.

 From color enhanced mulch to playground mulch, AZ Irrigation & Maintenance has the mulch you need to make your property look great. We offer full service mulch delivery and mulch installation services in the Flagstaff & Sedona area. We offer free no-hassle quotes and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the services we provide.

 Mulch installation is one of the most beneficial things you can have done for your landscape. Aside from the aesthetic benefits mulch provides it also protects your plants from extreme temperatures, enriches the soil, inhibits weed germination, and most importantly it helps retain soil moisture.

 We offer several different types of mulches for you to choose from. Each type of mulch has its own advantages and disadvantages based on your particular needs. Below are a few of the more popular mulch options we offer:

Eucalyptus Mulch:

Our eucalyptus mulch is shredded eucalyptus and helps preserve soil moisture and regulates the ground surface temperature. When installed at the recommended 3 to 4 inch depth it also blocks light transmission to germinating weeds. This mulch will help your flowerbeds look great while reducing weeds.

Color Enhanced Mulch:

We offer black, brown, and red color enhanced mulch for your landscaping. Business or homeowners can choose what color will look best for their properties. Color enhanced mulches can retain their color for up to 12 months and give your flowerbed a well-manicured look all year.

Bark Mulch:

Pine bark nuggets are an excellent ground cover when applied at the recommended 3 to 4 inch depth and have a longer decomposition cycle when compared to other mulches so they do not need to be replenished as regularly. One disadvantage to bark is it will float so if you have excessive water accumulation in your flowerbed you may want to avoid bark.

Playground Mulch:

Playground mulch, sometimes referred to as play safe mulch (ADA Certified) is most commonly used on playgrounds and at daycare facilities. Playground mulch is Melaleuca mulch that is filtered of debris and provides impact resiliency that meets ASTM standards when applied at a 12 inch depth and provides a safe surface for playgrounds.

 From color enhanced mulch to playground mulch AZ Irrigation & Maintenance has the mulch for your project and will quickly deliver and install the mulch for you. Give us a call at 928.225.2224 today to request a free quote or to schedule service.