Here at AZ Irrigation & Maintenance we believe in caring for your lawn like we would our own. Paying special attention to the health of your lawn and plants. One of the services we recommend is Dethatching your lawn when it is needed. Dethatching assures the roots of your grass are getting the nutrients, water, and oxygen it needs to stimulate growth.

What is Dethatching a Lawn?

We get a lot of questions about what dethatching is and why it is important. In very basic terms your lawn is made up of three layers, the green grass that you see, the thatch which is just above the soil, then the roots that are below the soil. The grass and roots are easy enough to understand, but the thatch is a build up of organic material that slowly composts. This thatch material is natural and healthy in moderation. But, when you have build up of 3/4 of an inch or more that thatch layer prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass.

Dethatching involves using a power rake that is designed to remove the thatch from the lawn so it can either be raked up or mowed and bagged.

When Should You Have Your Lawn Dethatched?

If your lawn feels bouncy or spongy, having your lawn dethatched is probably long overdue. Another good way is to try and stick your finger into the soil. If it is hard to penetrate through the grass than you probably need to have your lawn evaluated by a lawn dethatching expert like our team at AZ Irrigation & Maintenance.

At AZ Irrigation & Maintenance we will remove a small plug of grass from your lawn to evaluate the amount of thatch that is built up in your lawn. We typically recommend dethatching services once the thatch level is somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 of an inch. There is no set schedule for when you should have your lawn dethatched as the maintenance, fertilization, watering and grass species all play a role in determining how quickly thatch may build up in your yard. If you have signed up for our lawn mowing or fertilization & weed control services, we will advise you when we recommend the service.

Benefits of Having Your Lawn Dethatched:

  • Increase Oxygen Exchanges With Roots
  • Improve Fertilization Uptake
  • Improve Water Absorption
  • Reduce Water Runoff
  • Healthier Lawn

Think your lawn may need Dethatching? Give us a call and get a free quote or schedule your service today. We can be reached at 928.225.2224.