Every lawn is different and requires a different amount of nutrients to keep it healthy. And like any living thing the nutrients it gets determines how healthy it will be. That is why we soil test every lawn we provide lawn fertilization services to. We want to make sure that your lawn is getting the right amount of fertilizer and is not being overfed.

Our lawn fertilization services are performed throughout the year based on the services your lawn requires. All of our lawn fertilization applications also include weed control services to kill and prevent weeds from growing in your lawn and stealing the nutrients and water from your grass.

We have a unique 6 Round solution for getting your lawn the proper nutrients at the proper time of year.

Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn

  • Promotes new growth
  • Prevents weeds
  • Helps recovery from pest and foot traffic
  • Replaces lost nutrients

The proper application of lawn fertilizers is important to the health and appearance of your lawn. Apply the wrong type of fertilizer for the season and it can have devastating results for your lawn. The same is true if you are applying the right type of fertilizer but apply too much of it. Here at AZ Irrigation & Maintenance we are lawn fertilization experts that have the training and equipment to apply the right type and amount of fertilizer to your lawn to make it looks it’s best all season long.

For more information about our lawn fertilization services in Flagstaff and Sedona Arizona, give us a call at 928.225.2224 today.